Moncler’s latest collection became very popular in UK

Moncler’s latest collection has some, shall we say, surprising inspiration. Social media is reacting to the rather blatant golliwog doll inspiration with “WYD Moncler?” and hand-on-cheek emojis at the latest selection of products on Moncler‘s website.That was the collective reaction to the Moncler Grenoble presentation on Saturday night. Spectacle is the house specialty and this year was no different. Dozens of athletes were hired to model the fall offerings in an extravagant display at Lincoln Center Plaza that continued the brand’s penchant for pizzazz. Problem is: they staged their extravaganza outside, leaving scores of editors and guests shivering even as they took in the proceedings. Photographer Isabel Martinez got an up close look at the models as they braved the cold.
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The image was used on sweaters, tees, polo shirts and accessories.

Judging from a video Moncler Outlets UK posted on Facebook, the golliwog image appears to be the central logo for their collection. And, judging from an Instagram post of theirs, it’s prominently featured on their accessories as well.

Earlier on today, the goods all appeared on the site, although they were all sold out. Now it looks like they’ve removed the pieces from the site totally.

If you need to know more about the golliwog doll, it’s part of an old school racist tradition and closely linked to minstrels and blackface. All of those traded off exaggerated takes on black people’s features, but the golliwog doll became very popular in the UK, wider Europe and Australia.

The golliwog was originally introduced by Florence Kate Upton, a children’s author. The author’s popularity in the UK Moncler Sale means there’s still small parts of the UK population who cling onto the dolls. The shortened version of golliwog also became a slur for black people, perhaps most famously used by Eric Clapton during a drunken racist speech at one of his concerts when he told all “wogs” to go home.

So, in short, using a golliwog as inspiration is bizarre at best, given its history and racist connotations.

Moncler Grenoble took to the Big Apple once more to showcase its latest men’s collection with a grand presentation. Focusing on three segments for its fall-winter 2016 outing, Moncler highlighted High Performance, Performance & Style and Aprés Ski. Skiwear was front and center with Moncler’s signature sporty aesthetic and built to withstand the coldest temperatures.

Moncler Channels Gulliver's Travels Outlet UK

Meanwhile, the brand’s technical garments were married to style with slimmer silhouettes and the use of light down. Perfecting its modern spin on resort wear, the man of Moncler was treated to a wardrobe inspired by 1960s films and stars such as George Lazenby as James Bond in 007 On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. Adding snowboarding garments to its array of active pieces, large proportions were embraced for outerwear that featured snug-fit hoods.

The actual image is part of a collaboration with art moncler style. The main logo was originally used on a penguin plush toy, but the facial features still distinctly seem to copy the main features of blackface imagery.

We say that they “seek to redesign spirituality, rituals, and religious acts for modern day usage and connectivity.” So it wouldn’t be a stretch to assume that the thinking behind the original piece was to “reclaim” racist imagery. So while we’ve mistaken where exactly the image was from, the main issue with cheap moncler jackets outlet still remains.

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